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Final words on the illegal downloading matter.

TPHYou can start off by clicking this link.

I get a ton of great feedback from fellow musicians and friends on this downloading dilemma I brought up in the link above. Quite a bunch of them saying that what I state is how they feel, but in fear of alienating fans they won’t take the battle.

Fuck that. Those people are not fans of the band. And alienating that kind of people is exactly what I want to do.

I also get a a ton of mails and comments from people (obviously not musicians or people in the industry, as mentioned before) who believe we are elitists (my fave insult actually), idiots and money-grabbing dicks for believing we can charge 15 Euros for our latest album. Yeah, it truly is an outrageous sum to charge for some 150+ minutes of music, huh? It truly is outrageous to even charge money for a product at all… All of this is in my statement already, so I will not go over it again.

This is the last I have to say on the matter. From now on, every single person who comes to us with useless arguments or an idiotic approach will simply be ignored, your posts will be deleted and you will be banned. Your thieving actions can never be justified and there’s no point to even talk to your kind. You know this and the rest of us know this. Enjoy your lives and I hope you get a lot of “free” stuff in it, but please, for the love of Satan – don’t breed.

To The Haters and the people who understand and actually make sense: You guys are phenoms. I salute you all. It’s been fun, my point is made and your support is amazing. Cheers.

Now it’s time to go back to awesomeness and to make music.

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So, some idiots in this world think our new album should be available free of charge?

The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda“Can you please send your album for free for a review at my blog?”

How many times have I heard that fucken question… Listen up now, and try to understand this time then. “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” was made possible thanx to the devoted Haters and their donations. It wasn’t recorded to be brought out to magazines or media whatsoever. I don’t give a FUCK about media reviewing it, it’s not recorded for them. Had a label released “TCRA” they would have worked their promotional machine and sent our album out for reviews, to try to increase sales. I don’t care about that. Again, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT.

“TCRA” was recorded exclusively for the people who made it come alive. The ones who thought it’d be great to have another TPH album to listen to. Those are the ones who it was made for. Now I have said it quite a few times in these paragraphs, is it fucken clear? If you wanna hear the album and pay some goddamn respect to the band and the 2 years we spent completing it, BUY it from us. 15 Euros. For a long time you could get it for 1 cent. And still you didn’t donate since you knew you could get it for “free” eventually. Oh, how I loathe this thinking. So now, do not ask me ever again for a free copy so you can review it becoz you are a “fan of the band”. If you are a fan of the band you fucken buy it. That’s what fans of a band do.


Facebook is bringing out the most retarded of retards it seems. It is seriously very, very interesting to see how the minds of some idiots in this world work. Not to say amazing… Astonishing even. Can people actually be this stupid and live a normal life? Seriously? I thought I had made my stance on this matter very clear, but obviously not – so let’s try it one final time. Perhaps one of them (which would be an achievement the size of the universe) will actually get a seed planted in their mind, which in a few years might grow into this nice little flower of understanding and a general idea of actually doing what’s right.

Who am I kidding? These fucken basement dwelling idiots are beyond help. They seriously do not understand. But I’ll give you some input anyways, becoz I like it.

The amount of full-on retards who have visited and commented on our page over the last few days is mindblowing. Let’s not forget the absolutely awesome people who know what we are doing, understand what we are doing and support it. Those are the people we can never thank enough. But this is not about that. Sure, it would have been a lot more fun to talk about them guys, but for now we’ll concentrate on the thieving kind. Let’s share the thoughts of some geniuses who obviously thinks it’s completely insane for us to charge 15 Euros for our new album that we worked 2 years on. If we “wanna make money we should tour”.

Ah, that’s right. How stupid of us to think we should charge as much as 15 Euros for our latest album. What the fuck were we thinking? But hey, Einsteins, shouldn’t gigs be free as well? Or is there a difference? If it was possible to download the band in the flesh into your living room, complete with the place they’re playing (hopefully your basement is big enough to fit a club or arena) – wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would. It would be “free” you know, and why would you pay for something when you can have it for “free”. We haven’t played live since 2003. I have made it perfectly clear as for why a thousand times so I won’t get into it again. But since we aren’t playing live we shouldn’t charge money for our recorded music? Seriously, what fucken planet are you from? I have a kind advice to you: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

And this fucken scumbag, going by the name of Tyler Labonte on Facebook, obviously thinks he’s The Man. Just listen to some of the shit he managed to squirt out at our FB page before I had it with him and banned the idiot, just like I will ban each and everyone else of his nature.

“There’s a lot of albums out there worth buying and bands worth supporting if you haven’t noticed. I’d love to support them all but again, I don’t have the money for it. Now that this band has effectively told me to go fuck myself after I just tried to make a point in the least antagonistic manner possible, I don’t see why they should be on my list. I’ll just think of that every time I hear the music. That’s why this antagonistic approach here is so misguided. They’ve effectively called anyone who downloads albums ever thieving scum. Good luck selling with that attitude.”

You know why we effectively call them “thieving scum”? Becoz you are. Very. Logical. You steal something that isn’t yours, that’s… wait… wait… wait for it… STEALING. I don’t have the money for a 60” LCD TV right now, but you know what? I’m not going into the store to steal it, I’ll save up the cash and eventually BUY it. Our album is 15 Euros, fucko. FIFTEEN Euros. You must be a very, very poor kid. Good thing you can afford your Internet connection, you fucken twat.

“Now I’ll break down a few reasons why even having such an inflexible opinion on it, let alone expressing it publicly, is misguided. One is simple logic. If a person hasn’t put your album on the list of must-haves and is very broke, you’re not getting money from that person. If that person is an otherwise enthusiastic metal fan, it is in your interest that the person gets the music anyways so he/she can grow to love it and get the word out to people who maybe aren’t so broke.”

IT IS IN OUR INTEREST THAT THE PERSON GETS THE MUSIC ANYWAYS?!? Newsflash… No, it isn’t. This album was recorded for the people who actually are willing to pay a small sum for our work. These people made it come alive thru their donations in the first place. You had absolutely no part in it becoz you are a scumsucking, irritating, thieving, downloading asshat who JUST DOES NOT GET IT. If we, after 12 years of existence, wanted to “get the word out to people who maybe aren’t so broke” we’d GIVE THE ALBUM AWAY FOR FREE. Notice that I use capitals becoz I’m not so sure you get these small ones… They’re kind of confusing, no?

“I also think that from a musician’s standpoint, it should be the more fans, the merrier. There are countless old bands that have found new fanbases largely because kids downloaded their music. Downloading may not be so great for your immediate financial end but it helps get more potential fans to fill the venues when you tour. I should also note that I’m a lot more likely to buy an album at a merch booth than online or at a store and I don’t think I’m the only one.”

At this point I believe I am talking to a complete mongoloid. Which I obviously am.

“You should also think about the people who stay at home listening to music and playing guitar while collecting welfare checks.”

Why THE FUCK would I do that? Is this charity? If you can’t buy your music, perhaps you should exclusively download music that is legally released to be downloaded for free? Get the fuck out of here, monkey-boy.

“These are devoted musicians and they probably cannot afford every album they want legally but for them not to have it stifles creativity by limiting the vast pools of influence they can draw from.”

I sincerely hope that someone comes over to your basement and beats you over the head with a blunt object until the sun explodes. Is it even possible to be this fucken retarded?

“I saw an old interview of Trey Azagthoth from right before Blessed are the Sick dropped. It was pretty obvious he was broke, committing all his time to music and the place he lived in was a dump. I’m sure he supported fellow bands in the Tampa scene but I doubt he could’ve afforded everything from scenes elsewhere. I don’t think it would have been in any band’s best interest to say to him, “Nope. You can’t have those bootlegs. Only listen to the music you can afford.” Nor would it have been good for the advancement of music.”

Why oh why am I still trying to explain things to this clown?

“As a final not, I’d like to reiterate how I support my local scene so they can go far. I’d support all the bands I like from abroad by buying their albums too if I actually had that money. $60 a week in Canada is not a lot to go on and quite often I make even less. The best I can do is go see them when they come to town, if they put on a great show and there’s money in my pocket, I’ll probably make a trip to the merch booth. Not sure if I can say that about this band anymore, though. I’m not exactly feeling very fuzzy about this whole thing.”

You’re such a hero. I think by doing this genuine thing that you do you’re entitled to a lifetime of illegal downloads, I mean – after all, you just mean well. I on the other hand, I wish you hell.

“I could stop supporting the local scene and start buying all the albums of non-local bands I like instead but there’s no way I’m ever doing that.”

Or you could help the bands by not downloading their music illegally, but hey…

“Honestly, I’m doing virtually nothing else with my money. If I had more money, I’d buy more albums. It just literally isn’t there.”

Which, in your mind, entitles you to download illegally. And that’s the whole fucken problem. That, and everyone else thinking just like you.

There are more people like this, but this one is a good example of the shit I have to deal with. Just change the idiot’s name and you have hundreds and thousands more of the same sorry kind. Enjoy your lives as Judas. There is absolutely no argument as for why “sharing is caring” and all this absolute bullshit these illegal up’n’downloaders use as their mantra. Stealing will never be a nice way to do things. Thieves are scum and if you are a thief – well, you got it, you are scum.

You think it’s insane of us to charge the incredibly gross amount of 15 Euros for our new album? Then don’t visit us on Facebook or any other place. Don’t e-mail us. Don’t listen to us. Don’t support us. Take your shit elsewhere, we don’t wanna hear from you. Ever.


You know we released an album on the great label Season Of Mist a few years back? I have nothing bad to say about them at all, they are true pros in every aspect, but the reason we split (which I asked for) was low sales. Why “low sales” you think? Becoz people do not buy physical albums anymore. And they don’t want to buy it digitally either becoz it should be “free”, you know. How the fuck is that supposed to work out anyways? To get some input from SOM‘s boss Michael on our FB page is real cool. I have the utmost respect for the guys who work there and the fact that they are actually still in business, which I hope they will remain to be. They took a chance on us in these times where “sharing is caring” kills bands and their vision. I will always respect them for that. To see head honcho Michael give as much of a fuck as to come to our page and comment is rewarding. I wish you guys the best.

I hope that this post at least makes a few of the thieves think about what they are doing. To stop illegal downloading is obviously impossible unless the beautiful Internet blows up, but if people actually started to respect the work bands put into their albums and pay for the product – things just might get a little better. I want to believe that the majority of music fans and supporters of specific bands want the bands to continue to release more music for them. Is it actually asking too fucken much to expect people to pay for something and do the right thing? As it looks now, yes it is.

And that’s extremely fucken sad.

The only ones who don’t agree with my statement are absolutely retarded thieves who are not musicians and/or involved in the industry, scumbags who grew up thinking that stealing on the Internet is a birthgiven right. Any sane human being knows what I am stating is the truth.

Zero tolerance. No compromise. Judas must be punished. And destroyed.

Share this post everywhere you can, Facebook, MySpace, whatever. Get the word out there. And respect the work of my fellow musicians and bands dealing with the same shit I am dealing with. If it can’t be stopped, perhaps it can at least be decreased. One can only hope.

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Not all people are scum… But alot of them obviously are.

The Cadaverous Retaliation AgendaI don’t only encounter retards and thieves. But check this out:

From: Имя Фамилия

This superhero (Russian, how surprising) asked if he could pay for the album since he downloaded it from the Internet. He got the information. This is his reply:

“I said that in my country is not supported by the payment system Paypal, I can only pay via WebMoney and YandexMoney, Yes, I downloaded music from the Internet, I liked it, I would like to thank you, of course I’m not going to pay 15 euros, I think it’s just a lot of mp3 files without the CD media, but threw a couple of euros would be if you had a payment I have mentioned the system of”

Of course he won’t pay 15 Euros. OF COURSE NOT. Fuck were we thinking?

I told him a plain and simple “Don’t bother, Judas.”

On the other hand we got a guy like this:

“I just sent you 30 euros for The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda. And 30 euros because after reading your texts on your website I understood that you have put heart and soul to this album. If the least I can do is that I give you some money, then why the fuck not, I go to work, I have money, 15 euros is really little for one album, and knowing that this money goes straight to the ones who made the music. You’ve been planning and recording the album for 2 years and if I send you 30 euros, it’s like offering you 6 beers in a bar.. damn it, I should send you more.”

There truly are some amazing people out there, it’s just a shame the retarded thieves are outnumbering them.

To you guys who respect what we do and buy the album from us, I thank you wholeheartedly. You are the ones who are making sure we can continue to record music. And unfortunately you are also the ones making it possible for the lesser human beings to steal it without second thoughts. At least you know you have done the right thing. Their day will come.

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I wanna explain a few things to you regarding “TCRA”…

The Cadaverous Retaliation AgendaYou know how I have told you that absolutely nothing on this album is by chance? Everything is dissected and calculated into the smallest detail? It is. The amount of time we spent completing this left no room for errors, it all came full circle, just as I planned it. And when I say “full circle” (which is something I have hinted at before in previous posts during the process of creating this beast) I mean full circle. A lot of you people seem to think that the “DCLX…” tracks on “TCRA” are just small instrumental pieces in between the “real” songs. Hardly so. There’s much more to them than that. They are there to give you a hint/reminder of what’s to come and what has been. Confused yet? You must not be. This will all be very clear to you shortly, and you will further understand what kind of thought and work went into “TCRA”. And to see us charge 15 Euros for the album is obviously insane, yes? Now, pay attention…

1. DCLXI – This is the initiation to everything that is “TCRA”. The seed of what’s to come. The proclamation of 12 coming sermons.

2. I feed you THE flesh of your poisonous Christ – Pay attention to the first riff of the whole album.

3. DCLXII – We start with granting you things that will occur on the album later on, but at this point you have no idea about it. This piece is based on a part from the song that ends “TCRA”, namely “Welcome the Judas agenda”. It’s just transferred into piano and downbeats, adding a completely new atmosphere to it.

4. We watch in silence as the earth turns to blood

5. DCLXIII – “Carving out the tongues which speak of salvation” is serving as the source for what this instrumental is based on. Listen closely and you should easily find the section that is used in here. Masking it in a techno environment shouldn’t prevent you from hearing it since it’s pretty much using the same BPM as well.

6. Conquering the throne of the CADAVEROUS

7. DCLXIV – On top of the obvious electronics and the sermons speaking about flesh is a part from the song “The great retaliation is upon them”.

8. The great RETALIATION is upon them

9. DCLXV – And now we move backwards to remind you of what you just heard, even though you most likely won’t notice it until I explain it to you. Underneath the preachings and effects is a very low orchestra thing, that eventually becomes more obvious, based on a riff from “Conquering the throne of the cadaverous”.

10. Carving out the tongues which speak of salvation

11. DCLXVI – “We watch in silence as the earth turns to blood” holds a section that is used for this song. Also note how the ending orchestras use the same tones as the start of “Welcome the Judas agenda”, binding the two together perfectly.

12. Welcome the Judas AGENDAThe guitars that end the album play the exact same riff that opens up “I feed you the flesh of your poisonous Christ”, only very much slower with added harmonies, making the album end with the very first riff that starts off “TCRA”. And by doing so, it is completing the cycle.

You’ll have to find out what parts from the referred songs have been used as base for the instrumental tracks yourself, coz naming those would make it too easy on you. I want you to experience “TCRA”. Nothing less. If you have illegally downloaded this masterpiece from the Internet (since Judas finally surfaced), do yourself a favor and support our work by showing us your support by donating what the album costs to get from us directly.

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And Judas finally surfaces…

JudasIt was inevitable, but the fact it took some 3 weeks for it to happen is impressive. First off, thanx to the Haters who have sent in multiple reports about the album finally being leaked, and as is custom these days – some cunt at a Russian site is responsible for it. We hope you are proud of your treason, asshole. Keep in mind that you just helped to make it harder for us to record music in the future. Hope you’re proud of it and that you think it was worth it.

Your day shall come. We will all embrace it.

Last off, we thank the people who still understand the importance of supporting what we do by buying “TCRA” from us. If you wanna hear more music from us further down the road, that is the only way to do it. Understand.

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