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How’s it going?

Dirk’s been working with the first tune for a bit now and is soon wrapping that one up. He will be doing the drums on and off in-between his busy schedule so we don’t know when they will be finished. But what we do know is that it will be phenomenal, of course. With some luck he might be popping in with some choice words of his on the process. But obviously things are going great.

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Becoz you deserve it…

As you know, we are currently working on the new album and we keep you guys updated all the time, both here and over at our forums. I have had an idea for quite a while now when it comes to the next opus and yesterday one of the loyal forumers, aka null, briefly touched upon it without actually knowing what I had in mind when the album is done. That’s why I am handing this out to you now (you have already read it if you visit the forums). I thought it would be something like a bonus thing to you guys who have donated and made this recording possible to give you an instrumental version of the whole album as well as the real one. Why? Becoz I have learned quite a few of you guys have wondered about instrumental versions of a track or 2 in the past since there’s so much to discover in our songs that the actual vocals might “disguise” a little. But I never wanted to give you just one song or so, I believe you should have the whole album, simply becoz you deserve it. So I will do just that. You’ll get two versions when the time comes. But you will only get this album from us if you donated (or donate).

There you go. You have earned it.

I am about to do the vocal templates for J as soon as I have the time and Ruby is hard at work with her stuff, as mentioned before. It’s still going to take a bunch of months before this one is completed, but everything is going according to plan and I will not release this one until I feel it’s perfect. There are no deadlines, there is no label involved. Everything is done our way, all the way. And it feels amazing.

Again, thanx so much for your support, for making this album a reality. Trust me when I say you are in for something else this time…

Oh and buy a damn shirt.

Last thing: You should press “like” on our Facebook page. Simply becoz people claim it’s cool to have many “likes”. I don’t even know what it means.

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Lyrics completed!

Yes, as the title of this post says – the lyrics are completed. After some hard work I got all of that stuff down and the only thing left is to (eventually) fine-tune some small parts to make it (even more) perfect. Now I’ll make the demos for J so he knows what I have in mind vocal wise, then he adds his own unique touch to everything and makes it so fucken dominating you’ll shit bricks when you hear it. Like he always does. Now the main work of mine is completed, I’ll just go thru everything from time to time to see if anything needs changing (a process I have grown best buddies with as of late, haha) or improving, but this album really feels special on so many levels. You’ll see.

As mentioned, we have absolutely stepped up on all accounts and now the real fun part for me starts when I finally get to hear what the rest of the guys will deliver, how they will glue this masterpiece together and make it all completely mindblowing. Still, tons of work left – but seeing this monster shape up to match my vision is just phenomenal. I have also decided to give you a small, instrumental snippet from one of the tunes in this state, simply becoz I know you want one. Nothing fancy – just domination.

Click me to get there.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates.

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Working on the lyrics…

I am proud to announce that the work with completing the lyrics for our 9th album is really going great, meaning 4 out of 6 tunes are now completed. I still have tons of stuff left to use since I have been writing lyrics for the past month or 2, on and off. The inspiration and the hatred is pissing down and be sure you’ll get your much-needed dose of christian love when the time comes for you to read everything. I’ll start taping everything asap for J so he can start doing vocals whenever he’s got the time to enter A.R.T. Studios in Stockholm for yet another insane effort on his part. Just a couple of more tunes to go before I have wrapped this part up as well. As you can see, things are going very much according to plan.

Don’t forget to read this so you know what to do if you wanna hear this album when it’s completed.

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“- How can I get the coming album?”

We have already told you this before, but we’ll do it again in case you have missed out on it:

“Let’s make something very clear by the way. This album will only be sent (digitally as mentioned before – there won’t be any physical copies since we can’t raise that kind of money. And yes, there will be a downloadable booklet and everything so you can make your own CD out of it if you want to) to the people who actually made sure we can record it. The heroes who participated in The TPH Donation Experiment. You can still donate to us if you want it as soon as it’s released. If this one leaks on the Internet, it’s one of you guys who made sure this beast comes alive who’s responsible for it, meaning you are working against us and the whole agenda with this album. Think about that. You can of course do what you want with the album since you are the reason we can make it, but if you really wanna support what we do – prevent the leaking of it. You who want it “legally” – donate any given sum to us and you’ll have it from us upon release date. These are new times…


If you wanna make a donation directly to the bank account, here’s the info you need. Take note, this is the new TPH bank account. The one used in the past is no longer valid:

Lekebergs Sparbank: 8164-6,4 234 547-0
IBAN: SE60 8000 0816 4600 4234 5470

You already helped us to break new ground with the fulfillment of The Experiment, which is just amazing, now treat this recording accordingly when you get it.”

And as far as updating you on the process goes… I am hard at work with the lyrics and just finished up the first track. Still got tons and tons of stuff written down that I will work with and get everything into their right places for the remaining tunes. I also did some major re-arrangements for one tune last night, simply becoz it dawned on me what it was missing. And there it was – perfection. As soon as possible, Jörgen will start to put down his insane work.

I have spoken to Dirk on a more or less daily basis since it was obvious he had to do this album in Tobben’s absence, and he’s really, really stoked to put down the drums for this monster. Can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking up for us all. Ruby’s hard at work with her stuff as well and the stuff she’s sent over so far is absolutely phenomenal. As you can see, things are moving forward in a steady pace, just as planned.

Thanx for the incredible support, Haters, and remember – you are the ones who are making this recording a reality.

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