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Last chance to order the new shirt!

Read the post below (2 posts down) for all the information you need. After you have placed your order make sure to stay tuned to this site for more shit as we go along. Don’t forget the date; July 6th, 2009. That’s when the new masterpiece “The Lustrate Process” will be launched upon mankind thru Vic Records in Holland. Nothing will ever be the same… Or actually, it will prolly be exactly the same – the only difference is you never heard a better album in your life. Or actually… Nah… You haven’t.

The shirts and hoodies are being sent out now!

It took some hours but everything is packed and sent now. We just need to state something: There’s a slight chance that someone who ordered a S hoodie will receive a M one, due to tiredness when the packing occurred. If you happen to be the one (IF this is the case, we’re not sure) – just get in touch with The Lord and he’ll sort the correct size for ya and pay for the return of that wrongly sent hoodie, ok? You guys should be receiving your merchandise any day now. If you are in Sweden, hopefully they will show up latest Friday. You guys abroad have to wait a little longer ofcourse, all thanx to the slow postal system.

If you happen to not get your shit in a week or two, that shipment is prolly stolen by some low-life asshole and we’ll have to sort new stuff for you. Just have patience and let us know if this is that case. We will never, ever try to rip you off, and you know this. Thanx so much for the support. Haters. It means the world to us.

Also, hang in here and over at the forums for the latest news about the recording of the new album.

Update about the shirts and hoodies!

The printer just informed us that he will probably get the shirts next week. The delay is becoz the company where he buys the Gildan shirts from had no Gildan’s in stock for the shirts (the hoodies were fine though) and offered Fruit Of The Loom instead. We came to the conclusion that it’s better to wait a few extra days to get the Gildan brand becoz they are superior.

Just so you know. Sorry for the delay, but it’s always something when you do shit like this, and the shirts and hoodies will be ace so it’ll be worth it in the end. As soon as they arrive here at Hate HQ they will be shipped to you all, ofcourse.

Shirt orders stopped!

We wanna thank all of you who ordered the brand new hoodie and t-shirt. We take no more orders now so if you missed out on it – tough. Expect your stuff in the mail within a few weeks.

New shirts available

Yeah, some time ago I asked Guger, the guy responsible for this FANTASTIC design (as well as the last one and the recent ones for Torture Division), to come up with a new blasphemous theme for another TPH shirt. I believe he outdid himself with the artwork for this shirt. So I thought: Why the fuck wait to print these ones, let’s do it right away!

This is what it looks like:


Since I think that the last design was a little small in size I have talked to the printer to make sure they make the print as close in size to the picture below as possible. It might not be exactly as shown, but I really hope they understand what we are after. I will even try to get a test print before approving.

The brand of the shirt is Gildan, the best fucken shirt around and the one brand we have used for the Torture Division shirts as well, in case you own one of those. Nothing but superb quality. You know this already if you have ordered from us before.

I was thinking to print a bunch of shirts in advance, and pay for them myself but to be sure I won’t end up with some 30 shirts in sizes no one wants (and making myself bankrupt in the process) I have decided to take pre-orders for roughly a month.

So, let’s make this clear: I’ll take orders until JANUARY 2ND, 2009. You can choose any size you want from XS to XXXL. Girlies are also available. Everything for the same price.

Thanx to holidays and shit I don’t think the printer will be able to start doing everything until the start of January. This means the shirts should be at yer place around mid/late- January, 2009. I just want you to know this so you don’t think I’m trying to rip you off or anything since it’ll take a while before the shirt appears in your mailbox. I will keep you updated on everything in this topic.

The prices (including postage and packaging, shipped everywhere):

200 SEK
25 US dollars
20 Euros

And yes, you can order a hoodie too. It would look something like this:


The front will have the TPH logo on the left chest with the 6’s in it. Sizes from S to XXL. There will be no print on the arms.

The prices (including postage and packaging, shipped everywhere):

50 Euros
500 SEK
65 US Dollars

How to pay?

PayPal: The email address to use is theprojecthate (at)

And the old fashioned ways are still valid. So if Paypal ain’t your thing just make a transaction to The Project Hate’s account:

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken: 5690 0243 150
IBAN: SE4850000000056900243150

Or send the money thru snail mail:

Lord K Philipson
Höglundagatan 22
70368 Örebro

AND MOST IMPORTANT: When you have done one of those 3, e-mail me at theprojecthate (at) Include your address, size and quantity, and also how you paid. I just want to have this for my personal record to keep track on things. And last off:


Thanx for the support guys. And thanx so fucken much to Guger for creating this one (and all the other designs he’s done for us). You truly are one amazing individual, my friend..