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You didn’t see this coming!

It’s 2010 and we thought we should start off the new year by making quite a bit of changes. Some might come as a total surprise, some may not. We were never a band who gave a fuck about what other people think anyways. That sounded cool, huh?

First off we wanna thank Jo Enckell for her work with TPH since 2003. She’s done a great job on the albums she’s been a part of and will always be a huge part of TPH’s history. Yes, Ms. Jo is no longer a part of TPH. There are no grudges held or anything, we just feel it’s time to enter a new stage in our career. This is what Jo has to say about this:

“I’m so happy to have been a part of The Project Hate MCMXCIX, to have been able to participate on four killer albums! This band will always have a special place in my heart. I love you guys and to all the fans – you rule! – Jo”

Many of you will wonder why Jo is relieved of duty after all these years. It’s simple – we have done fantastic albums with her since “Hate, Dominate Congregate, Eliminate” some 7 years ago, but now we feel it’s time to go for another type of vocals when it comes to the female parts. We are looking for something else to further enhance our sound. And we have found it.

In fucken Portugal of all places.

RubyLet us introduce Ms. Roque to the fold. A killer chick with an absolutely fantastic voice including range, dynamics and power. Ms. Roque is destined to make her mark in TPH history with the strongest vocals we have ever had. You will have more info on her shortly in case you don’t have the strength to Google her yourself. In her own words:

“I’m very proud and thankful to be joining TPH, its an honour to be joining forces with such talented musicians. A big thank you to Lord K for believing in me and my «pipes» !  To all the fans of TPH , I promise you guys that I won’t let you guys down! I’m very motivated and ready to kick some serious ass!! Truly yours – Ruby”

Welcome Ms. Roque to The Hate. We are extremely happy to have her on board and look forward to work with her for years and years to come.

We are not done yet though… What? We are changing drummer as well? Yes, we are. Thomas Ohlsson, who played on “The Lustrate Process” and did a great job with it, is also replaced. Why? Well, sometimes the answer is right in front of you, you just forget to look since it’s too close.

Tobben GustafssonOf course Tobben Gustafsson of Torture Division and Vomitory is the man to be the last piece of the Hate puzzle. It dawned on us some time ago; why the hell isn’t one of our fave drummers and best friends playing drums for TPH? We know what this guy is capable of and it’s safe to say we’ll get the finest drumming of our career with the next album by having Golden T on it. As said before, his nickname isn’t fucken Golden for nothing, you know. Here’s what Tobben has to say about being the new drummer:

“I am very excited to join forces with K and J again, but now in The Project Hate MCMXCIX! From having been not so impressed in the beginning, I have grown to like this band a lot over the years. Their sound is truly unique and it’s not the kind of metal I’m used to play, so it will be a big challenge for me to take on this honourable task. It will demand a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and frustration but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Prepare for a masterpiece!”

More changes? Well, kind of… We haven’t heard from Michael HÃ¥kansson in quite some time. We actually don’t even know what he thinks about the latest album. Whatever he’s doing (probably repairing motorcycles and whatnot) we wish him the best, coz Michael is one terrific guy. He didn’t play on “Lustrate” and K doesn’t mind doing bass so he’ll do that on the coming albums as he used to before Michael entered the Hate-fold on “Armageddon” and “Hora”. Thanx for the killer work you did on those recordings, kid.

TPH has always been about progression. We have always wanted to push the limits. We have done that with each and every album and will continue to do just that, even more-so with our 7th studio recording. We are putting gasoline on our fire and it feels great. We are upgrading The Hate.  The work with album 7 has started (actually it started some time back, we just didn’t tell you) and it will be a massive process to complete this one. Things are going really well with the song writing and we are not walking away from the formula that’s made us achieve recognition. We won’t guess when all the material for this album will be completed but let us state that we are far into the process. We will work harder than ever before on this coming, guaranteed-to-be masterpiece. And trust us – it will be downright fucken phenomenal.

Last off, another huge “thanx” to Jo, Michael and Thomas for the work you have done with TPH. We will always love you for it.

Welcome the new blood. A new chapter of the apocalypse just started…

Update number 2 for the coming album!

As we have told you we will post video updates from the process of recording the new piece of blasphemy leading up to the release on July 6th, 2009 thru Vic Records. We have no specific dates or anything for when we will launch these updates so just keep on checking in and you won’t miss out on anything. We will also have some thoughts on the album from people involved with it; guest musicians, band members and whatnot. First off, let’s see what Mr. Dan Swanö (who mixed and mastered this masterpiece) has to say about it:


” – Howdy folkz!

So, it´s time once again for me to proclaim that I have mixed the best TPH record so far!! K has an uncanny ability to always top his own work, no matter how hard it may seem! Musically it sounds like classic TPH but the songs are better in every way. I know K worked his ass off, trying to top the previous record, and it must have been a nightmare, but to my ears the songs flow better and it was never boring to mix the record, because the music entertain you and challenge all your senses (yes, you can even taste blood in your mouth while listening to it!!!) Sonically I have tried to give each instrument their own little space within the mix and separate the bass from the guitars. The bass sounds like a blowtorch in your face and the rhythm-guitars rape your eardrums… but with finesse 😉

Enjoy the sonic journey to hell and back!! “

/ Dan Swanö

After those words let us see what TPH guitarist Anders has to say:

” – Following the release of “In Hora Mortis Nostrae” in September 2007, K and I just happened to jam a bit, drunk, one night at his place. I don’t know if either one of us thought that it would be anything more to it, but right off the bat it became very clear that we had a blast. None of us really had jobs or any serious occupation whatsoever at the time, so we took every opportunity to party together and write music. Before we knew it, four months had passed, which meant the arrival of January 2008, and the completion of the writing process for the new TPH album. I think no one was more surprised than me that I had been a part of the writing process of a new album, for a band that I had a deep liking of, not even being a member of the band. In May 2008 K asked me to become an official part of The Project Hate MCMXCIX, as guitarist/(de)composer/great guy Petter “Mazza” Freed had lost the motivation/fire to continue with the band. I instantly accepted, since I really love the music, and there was no way in hell I would turn down an offer like this, considering I’d had a genuinely amazing time working together with one of my best friends. It’s now March 2009, and the album is finally complete. The process has been long and has contained an insane amount of work. I would like to give a big shout-out/horns up/thank you to all the fantastic people that make up the force that is TPH, that I’m deeply honored to be a part of. K, Jörgen, Jonna, Michael and Thomas – five talented bastards. All the intense work has left us with a 60+ minute monster for the listener to devour. The most diverse, brutal, and beautiful music that I probably ever will participate in making.”

/ Anders Bertilsson

We have tons of more shit coming your way but for now we will leave you with the second video. We hope you enjoy it.

Having problems seeing the video above? Here’s the link you wanna use.

Another video and update is coming…

And there’s some real neat stuff in there when it happens. Just keep on checking in here so you don’t miss it. As mentioned, we have ALOT of shit in store for you. And in case you missed out on it, the new album will be released on Vic Records at July 6(66)th.

Updates about the new album starts now!

We promised you an update over at our forums now when the new album is completed and it’s safe to say that you will get your Hate-nerve a bit satisfied, starting now… We have decided to let some of the people involved with this album, both band members and guest musicians talk a little about their feelings on the new monster and will have them speak over the course of a few updates. Let’s start with a few chosen words from J, the world’s best death metal vocalist:

“First of all let me tell you, this album is the best TPH album so far. At least that is my opinion, in a few months you all can decide for yourselves. But personally I like this album a lot more than any of the other albums. Recording wise this was a lot easier for me as well. In the past we have done all the vocals over a weekend, which is hard as fuck to do. I have no problem with sounding like I do for an hour or two, but after that I don’t feel like doing it anymore coz I get pain in my head, neck, chest, dick…etc etc… And of course when the pain sets in it is just not as fun anymore…

I recorded the vocals together with my friend and neighbor, Jonas Ã…hlén, who is the singer of the band Backdraft and also run a studio here in Stockholm called A.R.T Studios. It is based like 3 minutes away from where we live so it is very easy for us just to go there late at night and record for a couple of hours and then head home… But it took a bit longer than we expected. Mainly because both of us have small kids and with kids come all kinds of diseases and other things to take care of.  So over a 3 month period we worked maybe for 10 hours or so in total, haha… But in the end I think it made my performance better. To make it as smooth as possible I was rehearsing the lyrics, as well as writing most of them, in my car at work. So I would sit there learning the songs and lyrics during the day and then around 21.00 we would head for the studio and recorded, edited and so on until 23.00 and then went home for some sleep. And it worked out real fine.

Also I am so fucking damn proud of K to have managed and bring in some of the finest guest musicians around. And one of them is my long-time favourite death metal vocalist Martin van Drunen. When K told me that – I pissed my pants out of happiness… First time I heard Martin was with Pestilence on “Consuming Impulse”. And it knocked me flat. It is still one of my favourite albums of all time. And now I have the honors to be on the same record as him. I can sure die a happy man now. I have toured with Iron Maiden, Slayer, Neurosis, had the pleasure to scream my guts out together with Chris Reifert from Autopsy during the Murder Squad recordings – the list goes on and on… And now Martin and me are doing vocals together? Metal up my fucking ass for sure!!!

Also, one day K called me and asked if I knew Yngwie Malmsteen, haha.. “I want him to do some guitar solos on the new album”, and I just laughed. “There is no way you can get him to do it, but I’ll ask Leif Edling (Candlemass, Krux) if he can ask him as they are old friends”. But I think I forgot to ask him actually, maybe K did. No, Yngwies is not on the album but we have an other old guitar hero of mine: Mike Wead!!!

My first encounter with Mike was when I were 12-13 or so, and went to see my hometown’s biggest metal sensation of that time, Special Forces. Which by the way had a bass player named Jonas Torndal, who later joined Grave… They were playing the local youth club, Puma, in Visby, Gotland.  And as a support act they had a band called Brainless. I had seen them before but now they had a new guitarist… guess who… He was on fucking fire even back then and was ripping out his guitar solos on his knees, playing with his teeth, behind his head and all those classic rock poses! We were so fucking impressed it was silly. Then all of a sudden he was not in the band, in fact, he had moved away from that godforgotten island. Later on in my life I would have the pleasure to tour with the man when my band Entombed opened up a whole US tour for King Diamond. I love you Mike, thanx for doing this!!!

Enough ass kissing of that Dutch sod, and that grumpy old man from the North, there are other guests on the album who do outstanding shit that brings a new flavor to TPH. Who they are? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Surrender God’s swine, to the demonical possession!!!”


And since J already brought up the inclusion of guitarist-extraordinaire Mike Wead, let’s see what he has to say about his participation on the album:

“During the fall of 2008 the mighty Lord K contacted me with an offer to participate on “—–” (I won’t reveal the title). Since “In Hora Mortis Nostrae” is one of my all time favourite albums it was a no-brainer to accept. I pushed myself really hard to deliver solos that were up to par with the sheer quality of this new masterpiece and I’m proud to say that this is probably my finest lead work up to date.”

/Mike Wead

We also have a treat for ya in form of a 5 minute behind-the-scenes thing. This is just the first in a sequence of videos that will come your way, leading up to the release of the new blasphemous creation. We have alot of stuff to share with you. And we guess you noticed by now that there’s no mentioning of the actual album title just yet? That is completely intentional – we will hold on to that for a while longer. Just becoz we can. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to head over to our forums and discuss what you’ve just seen and heard so far. As mentioned, there’s LOTS more to come… Keep checking this site and the forums coz you never know when we launch the next update. Last off, here’s a part of the album cover:


Are you ready for the cleansing?

Having problems seeing the video above? Click here

Countdown to Armageddon!

In some 26 minutes I will have the supposed to be final mix in my hands to go through and see if everything is corrected and so forth. A few days ago me and Dan did the last corrections that was needed and since then Dan’s gone thru the album and fixed some small additional stuff, so now we are fucken getting there.

If Dan’s not forgotten anything in this mix it will be THE FINAL ONE and the album is finally completed and ready to be mastered and sent to Vic Records for the release.

I’m so pumped up about this and it will be a joy to go thru it and hear what we have accomplished this time around. This is it, the work with the album is 99% done, now all I need to do is listen closely to it a few times so there are no fuck up’s or drop-outs or anything.

This is a very very fantastic day and we have a sign of things going as we want them to as shown in the picture below… Song number 2 on the album starts at the following marker, and we actually didn’t manipulate this one bit whatsoever. And that is serious.

Endorsed by Satan

Expect more updates shortly…

On behalf of The Hate /