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Second and final song posted for you!

With only a mere 2 weeks until the release of “The Lustrate Process” thru Vic Records, we have decided to hand out the last song we will make available on the Internet ourselves. This masterpiece is called “The locust principles” and is a 9 minute satanic hymn of everything you love about The Project Hate MCMXCIX. From the excellent Mike Wead lead in the beginning of the song to the creepy middle part, to the brutal ending… You’ll (never) see (heaven). You’ll love it. You will fucken worship it. And that’s the reason why we hand out yet another tune. We like to make you feel good. We’d also like to express our eternal gratitude to all local church burners out there. This one is to all of you who refuse to download the album illegally and the ones who have pre-ordered the album from us. Enjoy the song and make sure you buy “The Lustrate Process” from us. All info is to be found at our forums and at this site.

Until we get the video to show on this page, here’s the link directly to YouTube.

What’s up in the Hate camp?

As we have mentioned there’s only 3 songs left to do vocals for for J… Now when we have the Torture Division gig at the Close Up Boat out of the way hopefully J can nail a tune or 2 before the gig at House Of Metal. Keep your fingers crossed coz there’s not too much work left to do you know… As said before as well; it’s really fucken cool to have Dan starting to mix this already and he’s just sitting about waiting for the remaining vocals before he can continue. In the meantime he’s doing some corrections that we hand over so we are actually working with what we got even though all the vocals aren’t completed yet, so it’s not like we are sitting on our asses doing nothing, just so you have that clear, haha…

You know you will be kept updated as we move along.

A small update!

As you know, we are deep into the recordings of our 6th album. We just wanna give a heads up on everything and let you know that we are doing mighty fine. It will still take some month or so to complete it, but it’ll be worth the wait. A larger update is coming in a little while, we just have to sort out some stuff first before we can announce everything. In the meantime, make sure to buy a hoodie or a shirt with the new design – you only have a couple of more days to do so. We stop taking orders on January 2nd, so this is pretty much your last chance. Look at the post below for all the details and information you will ever need when it comes to this.

Just stay tuned to our forums and this site and you will find out all the good stuff in a little bit. We might even have some video footage to show you from the recording, you never know.

Not so brief update for the early November

It’s been a little silent here as of late (if you don’t count the activity at the forums, a place we always suggest you check out as we are there on a daily basis), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in the Hate Camp. We actually have shitloads of stuff in the making and now it’s about time we reveal most of it.

We have signed a new album deal, which feels really, really good. Vic Records from The Netherlands is a strong up’n’coming label that finally got their shit going. They have shown interest in TPH for quite some time and now when the label is rolling we gladly accepted their offer and decided to be a part of their roster. Head honcho Roel is an old acquaintance of K‘s which definitely played a huge part when it came down to signing to a label for the next album(s). We believe Vic Records has the tools to finally give TPH the marketing and promotion we deserve. It’s a great feeling to know how much Roel and his company burns for what we do musically, and also knowing that we are a priority for them feels fantastic. We definitely have a nice vibe for this collaboration and our first album for Vic Records is in the making as we announce this relationship of satanic proportions and unholy bodily fluids. Eh, we don’t even know what that means. Anyways, here are some plans for you, straight from the mouth of Hate.

Vocalist Jörgen Sandström will start doing his vocals in a few weeks or so and will work with them from time to time during the rest of the year and probably for a bit of 2009 depending on how much time he can get on his hands. Once he enters the studio he does his stuff faster than a blastbeat so just keep your fingers crossed he can wrap his vocal sessions up asap.

Drums will be done in Örebro, Sweden, January 2009. We are checking back and forth for a weekend that will suit us all and we are getting there. Just some final details to nail, but January is when the drums will be recorded and this will happen in, a studio owned by Saint Deamon, ex-Dionysus drummer Ronny Milianosonovabitch-something… We are definitely looking forward to record those toms with him.

Jonna‘s vocals will be done during 4 days in January, 2009 as well. Once again we will enter vocal coach Robban’s (whom we have worked with during the past 2 albums) studio and bring down the heavens and whatnot with some diabolical serenades courtesy of Ms. Jo. We are working on the final dates with this too, but January is determined.

Michael will put down his bass in his home studio whenever he’s got the time. And you all know Michael – there will be some insane bass work done.

This means that we should have everything completed to be delivered to Dan Swanö sometime in late January, early February if everything goes down as planned. We have lived with this material for quite some time now and we have made small adjustments to it all the time, to perfect it even more (perfect perfection, does that even work?). We can guarantee you one fantastic piece of blasphemy when Vic Records release this piece sometime in May/June (if all the schedules work out as planned now). It’s definitely the most brutal stuff we have ever written, and at the same time the most beautiful. We are so confident with these 7 tunes it’s not even sane. We can’t wait to get all of this out to you loyal Haters who always supported us. And to have Vic Records hand it out to you feels like a blessing at this stage as they can actually get the album out to stores with their distribution (something we are not exactly spoiled with).

We are also planning to shoot quite some videos during the rest of the recording (wonder where this will end up in the eventually? Hint hint), and we plan to be able to show you guys some of the process at some stage. And eventually we might hand you a little more than just small clips. You’ll see…

So, now you know what’s up. We are impatiently waiting to finalize this piece and bring it upon the world. Just to see the very same world perish in flames due to said album’s Domination.

And again, don’t forget the forums. Updates happen more often there than on this page.

No more orders for the new shirts

Thanks to each and everyone who ordered one (or two) and showed their true support. Hail!

So if all goes as planned, everyone who placed their orders should start receiving their shirts within the following three weeks.