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Countdown to Armageddon!

In some 26 minutes I will have the supposed to be final mix in my hands to go through and see if everything is corrected and so forth. A few days ago me and Dan did the last corrections that was needed and since then Dan’s gone thru the album and fixed some small additional stuff, so now we are fucken getting there.

If Dan’s not forgotten anything in this mix it will be THE FINAL ONE and the album is finally completed and ready to be mastered and sent to Vic Records for the release.

I’m so pumped up about this and it will be a joy to go thru it and hear what we have accomplished this time around. This is it, the work with the album is 99% done, now all I need to do is listen closely to it a few times so there are no fuck up’s or drop-outs or anything.

This is a very very fantastic day and we have a sign of things going as we want them to as shown in the picture below… Song number 2 on the album starts at the following marker, and we actually didn’t manipulate this one bit whatsoever. And that is serious.

Endorsed by Satan

Expect more updates shortly…

On behalf of The Hate /

Getting closer to wrapping it all up!

Mr. Swanö‘s now got his hands full this weekend for the first corrections of the mix that is needed. He’s done an amazing job with the sound but there are some stuff that we are not fully satisfied with that Dan will take care of to try to please our asses. The album sounds absolutely fantastic, that’s for sure. Once again we are very happy that Dan is the man to handle the mixing, making this album everything we want it to be. It looks like this masterpiece will be fully completed within a week or two, then it’s off to Vic Records for printing. Vic’s been awesome to us so far so it feels really great to be on board with them.

Marko Saarelainen is currently working his balls off with the album cover and the booklet, and believe us – not only have we outdone ourselves music-wise, Marko’s been outdoing himself big time with this beautiful package that is coming your way.

As you understand, the album is being very close to be completed now and as soon as we can we will announce the release date and hand you some teasers (perhaps we have some nice surprises up our sleeves until the album is out too).

A huge-ass report on everything will come as soon as as it is all done.

Small update on the recording process…

We are still waiting for J to be able to nail those 2 last songs with his monstrous roars. This means we are in the same situation as some weeks ago. You know K and J’s been busy doing Torture Division gigs but we are doing what we can do squeeze those 2 songs in asap, believe us. Just hang in there. We are working on some small TPH related stuff in the meantime and you will all find out what it’s about as we go along. Stay detuned.

Recording update again!

We have told you most of this over at our forums (we can’t stress it enough – you really should keep an eye on that place since we are there on a daily basis with updates) but here goes:

Mr. Swanö started to mix the album now but this doesn’t mean everything is completed just yet. J still got some 3 tunes to do vocals for before we can start seeing the full picture of this masterpiece and start to get into details that need being sorted eventually; like levels on different stuff and whatnot. But we are getting the sound for it now since Dan’s lined up some insanely nice mix to listen to, even if half of is still missing J’s vocals that is. J’s having some problems finding the time needed for doing the last three songs, some of it due to us in Torture Division having some gigs coming up, and he also plays some shows with Krux every now and then, but mostly it’s hard to squeeze in some vocal sessions with kids and everything taking up daily hours (that is why J actually does his stuff in the middle of the night haha). J will start finishing up his remaining vocals as soon as possible, just so you know. But we are getting there, people. Oh yes, we are getting there with completing the finest 60+ minute album we have ever done. It will be worth the wait, that’s a promise.

We have also recorded quite a lot of videos during the recording that we will try to find time to put together for some nice teasers when we can. Those fucken things also take time to complete so bare with us – the album is priority one for natural reasons.

Listening to what Dan has created soundwise is pure bliss considering we have been absorbing ok-sounding demos for so long… This is something else, that’s for sure. We know what we are creating and a good advice when you finally get to hear this bastard Son of Satan is: invest in a pair of expensive headphones coz there is so much stuff you will never notice otherwise… But more of that later on…

Last off: the title for the album’s been set for quite some time, but we will naturally not reveal it just yet, and recently we decided on all the song titles which feels great. It’s safe to say we are not straying away from our concept, just so you know…

More recording updates!

Jo finished up all her vocals yesterday and she’s done a terrific job. She definitely pulled off some unexpected things that we think you will enjoy and be surprised by when you hear it. Who knew she had it in her, the little one, haha… J’s also nailed 3 tunes so far, which means he’s still got 4 more songs to do asap. His vocals are put on hold this week though since he has some gigs with Krux to take care of. He should be back on track by next week though. We are still waiting for some guest parts to drop in as well. Things are shaping up to become a complete monster when it comes to this album…

If you wanna see some photos from Jo’s vocal sessions, go here and drool, you perv. We will post some videos and teasers as soon as we get around to creating those. That shit takes time and if there’s anything we don’t have shitloads of it is, yes – you guessed it, time. We are working on it though. In the meantime we can inform you that the shirts and hoodies are about to be packed and delivered in case you ordered one. Stand by yer mailbox now, you hear? We’ll be back shortly with more information about the recording process.