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You can still order “TLP” directly from us!

We still have copies left of this masterpiece so do yourself a favor and buy the real thing so you can experience it like it’s meant to be experienced instead of some “good quality” mp3’s which are not even close to the real deal. All the information is available here. If you want us to continue to release albums, purchasing this one will definitely help our cause of doing so.

Waiting for the CD’s.

Oh, I have been bitching to Vic Records every day for a week or so now about having the distro send me the fucken albums. They have told us they would be sent first thing yesterday but neither Vic or I have heard anything from them since last Thursday. I’m sorry for all of you guys who have to wait for the album to ship – but trust me – it is worth the wait. There’s not much I can do about this, but if Plastic Head are good on their word – the albums should be here this week via UPS delivery. I know I mentioned this before but I can’t stress it enough so you guys know the deal at least.

As mentioned on the forums – the packages with shirts only have been sent as of yesterday. You who ordered shirt(s) and cd’s to go in the same package. Your packages are ready, I’m just waiting for the actual cd’s now so I can put them in there and send them.

Last off for today, here’s a quite nice promo thing that Vic Records threw together just recently:


The pre-orders soon to be shipped!

Just found out that the cd’s will be shipped to me on Wednesday by UPS, which means I’ll have them a few days after that. As soon as I get them I will send everything out and you should have it within a week or so counting from when I receive them.  Fucken ace. Finally. Also, the shirts should arrive this week as well and those will go out right away too.

Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered “The Lustrate Process”, bought a shirt and supported The Hate.

Shirt orders stopped!

We thank you, the guys and girls who placed an order for the new shirt this second time around as we could do an extra run of the print thanx to a fuck up on my behalf with an order. But now we are taking no more orders and will deliver everything to the printer, which means we’ll hopefully have the shirts on their way to you loyal Haters within 2 weeks. Again, thank you so much for giving a fuck about this.

Don’t forget to order the new album from us. We should be receiving our copies this coming week and after that all that is left is to pack them all and send them out to you who pre-ordered/ordered it. You can still buy it from us so make sure to take the chance and experience it as it should sound and not just by illegal downloading. Not to mention you’ll get an insanely fantastic booklet with the cd. All the info you need is to be found in this topic:

Click me for Hate!

The extra orders of the shirt – status!

Just to make a few things clear:

The design will be delivered yet again to the printer on the 19th of June. After that it takes the following week to print everything and then when he’s shipped the shit to me I’ll send everything out. So it will still take a few weeks before you get your ordered stuff. In case you have ordered a shirt and a CD, well – the cd’s should be at my place within a week or so.

Now you know.