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Late June update

We have been a little silent in here, for no good reason, so we thought it’s about time to tell you what’s up. All of you know that there’s been a fucken impossibility to find the latest album “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” if you are not ordering it directly from us, right? We knew that StormVox had very limited resources and all, but never did we expect this small an effort on their part to get it out. Not content with the situation we have now walked away from StormVox, on good terms. We might work with them somewhere down the road, we might not, that’s not important right now though. We will now start looking for a new label and we have the flashiest promo packages around just waiting to be sent out.

This interferes nothing with the new album (at least not right now) at the moment since we have had the plans for album 6 lined up for quite some time. We are still finishing up the lyrics for the remaining songs and Jo is hard at work with her stuff for the songs that are already completed lyricwise.

All the rhythm guitars are completed as of some weeks ago. We have also started to get some of the guest stuff completed and inserted into the songs and it fucken kills. There will be some prominent guest musicians (and some fantastically gifted ones you prolly never heard of) on this one, that’s for sure. There’s going to be quite a bunch of guests and friends chipping in to what will be the darkest and most ferocious album in our career. You know this is true too.

We are planning to have Mojjo put down the drums this fall, we need to chill out this summer, you know. But first we need to secure a record deal so we have a budget to work with. Jörgen will most likely record his vocals in Stockholm and we are definitely planning to record Jo’s with Robban, as we have done on the past 2 studio albums. But that’s not happening just yet, as mentioned.

Just hang in there, we will keep you informed about the label search and recording plans as we go along.

Just so you know, we have never sounded better than what we do now. In time you will experience it first hand.

Cheers, Haters.

Petter S. Freed leaves The Hate

“As of today, May 29th, I’m no longer a member of TPH. I’ve had lots of pleasant musical moments this far in my life. Many of them has been being locked up in a 200 square ft flat with K. The magic that went down between 2002-2008 in that flat is something I will always look back at with a smile. I also smile when I think of other things we did, that had nothing to do with music. But I’ll leave those things out for now I think. It’s been a pleasure playing with those guys (and girl) since they truly are gifted in a special way all of them. K is so good at writing/producing this kind of music it’s almost ridiculous, writing with him has been a walk in the park cause we just connect.

J is one insane vocalist. When we recorded the last album he had moments where he sounded so good both me and K was about to leave the room. Crying. And most of the time he just said “well, it’s ok I guess…”. It’s not just ok J, it’s top notch. World class.

And Jonna, the beautiful little bastard. I must confess though, when K took her into the band I never though she could do anything near what Mia did before her. Fuck me sideways I was wrong. And she’s growing every time she enters a studio it seems. “New” guys Mike and Mojjo joined in and as always I was skeptical. Fucked sideways again. I don’t even have to mention how extremely talented those fuckers are. Marko (webmaster) doesn’t play any instrument, but he’s in the fuckin’ band and he rules. Supreme.

And the last member of the band, the most important: The fans. If there were a professional fans league, the TPH fans would win every fuckin’ year. The ones that has been there from the start (you know who you are) and the ones that has been comin’ along during the time: You are the shit that makes this band tick. In a very serious way. You all rule (now send me a Zippo).

So, why quit? It’s simple, I just don’t feel like doing it anymore. I’ve lost the TPH vibe somewhere. I don’t know why, and I don’t know where. But it’s fuckin’ gone. From the inside, I can say that the future for TPH is brighter then ever, the new stuff sounds demonic and K is pumped as usual to bring domination.

This is gettin’ extremely dramatic, so I’ll just say thanks to everyone involved and from now on I’ll follow this band as a fan, not guitarist.

Cheers / Mazza”

After 6 years and 3 studio albums together Petter, aka Mazza, has asked to be relieved of his duty in The Project Hate MCMXCIX. We wish we could start up some drama here and make it all look like the world’s most fucked up rock’n’roll circus, but we can’t, haha… Thing is, we part the best of friends. We are on exactly the same terms as in the past, the only thing that has changed is that Mazza is no longer a part of the band. Mazza hasn’t been much involved at all (we still credit him for 2 or 3 riffs though, haha) with the writing process for the next studio album, simply becoz he hasn’t been motivated. So, seriously, we weren’t very surprised that Mazza felt he could as well step down from his position as guitarist in TPH. We wanna thank him whole heartedly for the fantastic work he’s done with us over the years, we might very well not have sounded as awesome as we do today hadn’t Mazza been involved in building up the Christ-hating machine you know as TPH over the last 3 albums he was a part of.

Tack som fan, Mazza. We love you. Well, Jörgen doesn’t, but me and Jo do, the rest of the guys don’t know you too well, haha…

This leads us to the following… It’s obvious that we need someone to replace Mazza, and who better than the one guy who’s been writing the coming TPH album together with me? Yes, that’s right, welcome Anders Bertilsson (Ruin, Coldworker) to The Hate. The choice was obvious. Anders and myself accidentally found out about a year ago that we work very well together, one thing led to another and all of a sudden we were writing material for The Project Hate MCMXCIX. And since Mazza didn’t show much interest in being a part of it, we naturally continued writing together. And continued. And continued. Until one day we realized that we had actually completed 7 songs. 7 tunes that sound better than anything we have ever done in the past, and fuck knows we have done some fantastic shit. So, it was a no-brainer to ask Anders to join The Hate as he pretty much already was in the family.

This is what Anders has got to say:

“After drinking/riding our horses of steel/drinking a bit more, and working on the upcoming TPH album together with my brother (bonded by beer) Lord K Philipson, it’s an honor to be asked to join The Project Hate MCMXCIX. Being a long time fan of the music, and sharing many of the same musical views as K, it’s amazing to be an official part of the band. A band consisting of insanely skilled people all around. Hate arise, Jesus dies…”

That’s where we are today. We are still finishing up the lyrics for the next album (halfway there) and will soon start to plan the recording, which is a major job to do. But we love it.

So, to finish this off: Thanx for everything, Mazza. Vi syns på krogen, din jävla dåre. Welcome to The Hate, Anders. We are very, very happy with you being a part of The Project Hate MCMXCIX.

A new era of Domination has begun.

Early January update

As you have noticed, we have been a little silent here as of late. That’s all thanx to not having access to the goddamn net for a month or so due to the incompetence of Swedish phone and internet companies. First off we wanna thank our fantastic webmaster Marko Saarelainen for throwing in some stuff here at the site and helping us out with so much promotion while we have been internetless. He is the king, we tell you. Thanks sister, it’s a pleasure to have you work with us.

“In Hora Mortis Nostræ” has been out now for a few months and as always the reactions are mixed, just as expected. We know we have made a fantastic album and obviously the Haters understand that as well. Thanks for the awesome mails and everything that we have received from you guys and girls over the months, stating your admiration for what we do. We appreciate it more than we can express with words. Again, thank you so much.

So, let us tell you what’s up now in the Hate camp. We have 5 and a half song completed for the next piece of domination and yes, you guessed it, it’s sounding fucken fantastic. We will definitely raise eyebrows with some of the stuff. A few of the things we have in store for you is pretty much something you didn’t see coming from us. And we like it like that. We have no boundaries. These tracks are definitely the best material we have ever written. We are supposed to state that, you know. Every band do, but the difference is that in our case it’s actually true, haha… We are aiming for 7 tracks this time around as well, and with close to 50 minutes already written – things are going so good it’s quite insane. Maybe we will get around to actually do some videos and shit during the process, we’ll see. Make sure to keep an eye on the forums of ours since that’s the place where we announce the latest stuff in-depth all the time.

Again, thanx for the support guys, each and everyone of you. Needless to say that you are phenomenal. Feel free to buy the new album directly from us, we sure could need that. Now let us continue to work with the coming slab of Christ hating music.