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Hell is approaching!

I got the mix from Dan (after he got my first corrections-to-do) some days ago and just went thru it again during a long fucken bath with nothing but the album accompanying me so I could fully concentrate on everything that this monster contains… There’s such an insanely evil aura to alot of stuff here that really gives me the chills, as if something truly wicked is present on the album. This is a album to devour in the dark, by yourself on loud volumes. There’s so much to discover, so much to absorb… You’ll see… Oh man, you will see…

I’m off to Swanö tomorrow to make the (hopefully) last corrections and after that it’s time to deliver this thing of beauty and blasphemy to Vic Records for the release.

You will get more updates as we wrap this up coz there might be some nice treats for ya coming…

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