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Quite huge update for January!


We have told you over at our forums that we have a huge update coming your way. We didn’t lie. We never lie. Christ is the liar, not us. So let’s start today’s report then since alot of stuff’s been happening in the Hate camp over the last weeks.

First of all, drummer Mojjo is no longer with us. No, no, he’s not dead – he’s just not with The Hate anymore. We thank him for the great work he did on “In Hora Mortis Nostræ” and wish him luck with his other projects and bands. Conflicting schedules led us to this and we didn’t wanna postpone this recording more than necessary so we let him go and there’s no bad blood whatsoever involved. Again, thanx for the great work, kid.

So, we have a new drummer. A fantastic guy who stepped in on very short notice (3 weeks), determined to learn all the songs and put them down for this coming blasphemous assault.

Thomas Ohlsson

Welcome Mr. Thomas Ohlsson to the fold. Yep, that’s him in the picture. You can find out more about him by checking his profile and/or MySpace. Thomas is a terrific guy full of piss and vinegar, giving a 110% to The Hate and will now hopefully get some recognition for his thunderous work on the coming album. We are extremely happy to have him onboard. The recordings went great and there were really no problems at all putting down the drums. We recorded everything at Studio Seven with Thomas’ and K‘s longtime friend and studio owner Ronny Milianoviczhssshhh ( we will never learn to spell his goddamned last name, but he’s known from some tragic power metal acts such as Saint Deamon, Dionysus and Sinergy) and they really managed to get a great sound. We’d like to thank Jens of Fascination Street for lending us some mikes and whatnot to even further enhance the sound of them toms and kicks. You guys are fantastic.

You wouldn’t think that we are done already with the news, huh? Oh no…

Bassist Michael has unfortunately been forced to skip the recording of this album due to some personal stuff. He definitely wants you to know that he has no plans whatsoever on leaving TPH, he’ll just have to sit out on this album, and this is what he has to say about the situation:

Michael: “Hello Haters!!! Due to an unfortunate situation I have decided to leave the bassduties on this album to Mr. K himself. A combination of timeconsuming studies and a current lack of decent facility to rebuild Royal Death Studios got me to a point where I realized that I wouldn’t be able to focus and create this upcoming monster to satisfaction. I’m not happy at all to have made this decision but quality oversees everything, and as we all know, K will pound the living hell out of the lower strings as he used to do before I arrived at the camp. However, I will be back on the next album… rest assured.
Thanks / Mikey

K and Michael are 2 completely different bassists. Michael is a bassist at heart, K is not. There will be less extravagant mastery (but there will still be some extravagant mastery, hoho) when it comes to the bass this time, but all that is to be compensated by a fuckload of power and punch – which is the way K approaches bass. About half of the album is already recorded as far as this low-end feature goes, which means all the bass should be completed shortly.

Jörgen and Jo also sits out on this coming masterpiece. They will be replaced by Leif Edling and Tarja Turunen. Or not. Nope guys, they are of course with us and will deliver their best performances yet. Jo is scheduled to have her vocals completed by the end of January, 2009. Once again we will work with Robban of Rat Productions during 4 days when it comes to Jo’s stuff. That’s more time than we ever spent on doing her vocals. Just becoz we wanna take our time with this and really push her to the limit. She’ll probably throw in some surprises this time around… You’ll see…

Jörgen will complete his vocals as soon as humanly possible and with some luck he should be done in January as well. He’s currently rehearsing all the tunes and trying out different stuff to make it as good as possible. We can’t wait to hear what The Beast will deliver once again…

After that the whole insane thing is off to Dan Swanö for the mix and mastering. It’s been a damn long process this album (then again, our last album was released in Aug, 2007 so it’s not been that long when you think about it), but now we are moving into the final stages, which feels awesome.

We will definitely keep you updated on the process as we go along, as always, and now you know a little more what’s up in the Hate camp at the moment. Never in our lives have we worked so hard on an album, and we believe it will show in the end. To have Vic Records behind us also feel like a satanic blessing. A match made in Hell. It can’t turn out any other way than awesome.

Stay tuned, we will hand out some more stuff as we go along.